Board of Management
Board of Management

Mrs. Yasmeen Al-Musallam
Cheif Executive

Mr. Khaleel Al-Abdullah
 Managing Partner

Why Maastricht School of Management-Kuwait?

The demand in Kuwait for business experts who have a well-respected business education will continue to rise due to the ever increasing career opportunities that are becoming available. Research has found that employers in Kuwait want employees who can plan strategically and motivate others to achieve higher levels of performance. An MBA provides you with the opportunity to understand traditional and contemporary management theories and apply these to obtain in-depth insights into and innovative solutions for important managerial issues.

MSM-Kuwait clients will be able to acquire a wide-range of skills that are transferable to the workplace such as self-reflection, financial-awareness, group-management, critical thinking, interpretative skills; effective written/oral communication, and advanced research methods. MSM graduates of tomorrow will therefore hold the ability to conduct high-level analyses of complex issues that can take their businesses to the next level.